Academy Opening Schedule

Academy Opening Schedule

Here is our temporary Penticton schedule for our soft opening following ALL the Covid guidelines and procedures to ensure the safety of all our students. 

Attention Students of Pacific Top Team Penticton

As we prepare open our doors we have some very important information to get to each of you. First of we will need to make adjustments to the way we operate as a whole. Below is a list of changes that will be implemented upon our return

Notable changes to the academy are as follows:

-Classes that are back to back will move to 45 minutes. We are directed to clean our mats after every class so this will allow us to do that. Please see the attached schedule

-We will have hand sanitize stations at both doors. Everyone who comes into the gym must sanitize their hands.

-We will have an entry and an exit. Our door on Ellis is the entrance only door and our door on Padmore is our exit only door

-You must come dressed in your training gear. Our change rooms will be closed

-Our fountain will be closed you must come with a water bottle and leave with your water bottle

-You are not allowed to enter the building until 5 minutes before your class. Walk your shoes to the back door and walk straight onto the mats

-If you are not feeling 100% you MUST STAY HOME. There will be zero tolerance if you look unwell you will be denied entry to the building.

-We are asking that you come with a partner. Someone you either live or are comfortable training with

-No food or drink other than water bottle aloud in the academy

-No spectating of any kind. Parents and friends can spectate out side from the windows but will not be granted access to the academy

-We will cap our classes and there will be limited space.

These guidelines will be enforced until the heath organization in the okanagan give us the go ahead to remove them

Professor Jorden Reichenbach



Click here to download the Penticton schedule