Many people start training in the martial arts with their own goals in mind – whether it is to achieve
their black belt, improve their fitness, or just achieve an overall healthier lifestyle.

However, one thing is certain…. as they begin training and working their way towards achieving
their goals, they have found it is not only about the end result. They discover it is also about the
journey that comes with achieving those goals: the excitement, the challenges, and the victories
that are all part of what makes the journey so incredible and worth it.

Women’s Program


The instructors and staff at Pacific Top Team have worked hard over the last decade to create a safe, clean, friendly and welcoming environment for everyone to get into martial arts. Whether you’re an experienced athlete looking for a challenge or a busy mom, we’ve designed our programs and schedule so that it works for you and your family.

Whatever your goals may be, we’re here to get you there. Whatever your obstacles are, let’s crush them together.

Adult Program


From basic fundamentals and principles to advanced techniques and deep dives into intricate details, we have a program that will develop your skills no matter where you are on your journey. Our world-class instructors have constructed curriculums in each program that focus on your fitness while emphasizing your growth on the mats.

Whether you want to train to compete in the sport or you’re just looking to have fun and live a healthy lifestyle, we have a class right for you.

Kid’s Program


Kids are the future and we at Pacific Top Team take it upon ourselves to do our part in ensuring the future is bright. We empower our young students to make positive decisions on and off the mats and guide them when necessary. Discipline, confidence, respect for self and others are the values we strive to instill into the kids that enter our programs.

Our supportive, positive and anti-bully environment is the perfect place for your child to develop into a disciplined and confident adult and athlete.