PTT online store is now live!

PTT online store is now live!

Students, friends, and families have constantly been asking us for clothing to proudly showcase the team we are all so proud of and the art we practice.

Sarah and Jorden struggled with the best way to provide clothing to distribute throughout the Academies. Allowing the members to choose what they would like to purchase, how many items and as often as they would like. They would constantly run out of product, sizes, and styles.

Until now. There is always a better way. They found it. Welcome to Jorah Apparel.

Jorah proudly sponsors Pacific Top Team Store

Sarah and Jorden chose the viking symbol for their logo which means ‘Create Your Own Reality’. Their decade of being in business together is a testimony of the truth this concept holds.

This life throws a lot at us, it is about using everything and anything as a tool to move forward and create what we want. It is all in our power. Our life is the creation of our mind. What are you choosing to focus on – what is the reality you are choosing to create?

Concept is simple, not easy.

But anything worth having isn’t easy, but that is why it’s worth it. Proud to be live! Check out our website below!